A Drink for All Occasions

With plenty of family activities, a bustling nightlife, and a magnificent natural wonder, Niagara Falls has plenty of attractions for any occasion. Coco’s is one of the top bars in Niagara Falls because it has something for everyone. Find a drink for all occasions whether it suits the season, the event, or your mood.

Coco’s location also makes it one of the premier bars in Niagara Falls. Whether you want to relax after checking in to the Holiday Inn (adjacent to the restaurant), popping out of the Fallsview Casino (just across the street), or coming back from the falls themselves (a quick walk up the hill) then Coco’s has food and drink waiting for you.

Seasonal Drinks

With winter approaching it’s time to enjoy some warm drinks. See what sets us apart from other bars in Niagara Falls by checking out some of our favourites. Relax and shake out the cold with a classic Irish or Spanish coffee. Fans of Grand Marnier (one of Coco’s favourites) can opt for a classic Monte Cristo or enjoy it mixed with Amaretto and Blueberry tea. Any option is perfect for warming up on a chilly day after exploring the grandeur of the falls. And Coco’s warm pizza ovens sets it apart from the typical bar food you’ll find at other Niagara Falls bars.  

Fine Wines

Like most bars in Niagara Falls, we like to show off the local wines. We recommend ordering a glass (maybe even a bottle) to complete the Niagara experience for international visitors. Or if you are entertaining foreign business partners at some of the bars in Niagara Falls then Coco’s atmosphere and wine list will show them what Canada has to offer. For the connoisseurs, we also carry imported wines from California, Italy, France and more.


If you want to get out of the casino and continue your night with friends, then there aren’t any bars in Niagara Falls better than Coco’s. It’s right across the street! After the fast pace of the casino, Coco’s provides a place where you can sit back and relax. Unwind by having a good conversation in our lounge and savouring one of our cocktails. You’ll find something for all tastes. Sample some of our Martinis, from fruit, inspired creations, to chocolate, to espresso. Or try Coco’s Martini SKYY Vodka and Blue Curaçao, shaken up with ice and served straight up. Check out our menu for other favourites or browse our selection of scotch, whiskey, and cognac.

A Drink with Dinner

Coco’s food and atmosphere set it apart from other bars in Niagara Falls. It’s family friendly atmosphere is perfect for parents to enjoy a high-quality dining experience while keeping the kids happy too. Coco’s brunch is a favourite for local Niagara Falls residents. Treat yourself to one of our signature coffee creations while you treat the kids to dessert.

There are many bars in Niagara Falls. Make the choice easier and remember the bar that’s happy to host all occasions: Coco’s.