Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway in Niagara Falls

Whether you’re getting to know someone new or reigniting your relationship, planning a romantic getaway in Niagara Falls, Ontario is always a good idea.

The planning part is what normally keeps couples from taking much needed time together.  The good thing is, you’ll find some of the best attractions and restaurants in Niagara Falls within walking distance from each other. With so much to do, not too much planning is needed to ensure you have a good time. Nonetheless, here’s some friendly tips and topics that’ll help you steer clear from all travel blunders and make your romantic weekend getaway in Niagara a success!

Let’s start with the fun stuff, here’s what not to do:

Hold your phone instead of your partner’s hand

You’re on a romantic getaway with your partner, not your “followers”.  Live in the moment and not online. Show your partner how much this time means to you by giving them your undivided attention.

Money talks

Although you may normally agree on everyday expenses, money spent while on vacation is different.  It’s not unusual to want to splurge on dining and drinks during your vacation but, don’t discuss money over the dinner table or you’ll be walking right into a tiny scuffle.  It’s best to discuss how much you want to spend and what you want to spend it on before the trip and decide on a budget together!

Whine and Complain

The only “wine-ing” that should be happening on this romantic getaway should be from Niagara’s own quality wineries, poured into a glass, and paired with your delicious steak dinner.  Keep your cool and tuck your complaints far away from this getaway to ensure  pleasant and whine-free memories with your loved one.

Now that we put the awkward aside, here’s what to do:

Make a list of all the places you both always wanted to see or do

Try to plan to do at least one or two of the things each of you put on the list.  While one may want to catch some live entertainment, the other may want to take a walk along the Falls.  In Niagara, you can fit in so many attractions and activities in one day because most of the world famous attractions and best restaurants in Niagara Falls are all located in the heart the entertainment district.

Agree on accommodations

Keep “romantic” in mind when choosing where to stay in Niagara Falls. Figure out what you need to have a romantic stay while keeping your partner’s comfort in mind.

Go with the flow

All kinds of situations can pop up while you’re having new experiences with your partner.  Go with the flow and show you can find ways to have fun in all kinds of new situations.  Romance is really all about laughing together and sharing special moments no matter what you’re doing!

Coco’s Steakhouse is one of the best restaurants in Niagara Falls to dine with your special someone.  For a truly romantic evening, treat your loved one to a wood-fired steak dinner on our Terrace, paired with a glass of Niagara’s own wine while you eat under the starlit skies of Niagara.  Stay for cocktails and try Coco’s original martinis with live entertainment on the patio happening nightly after 7 p.m.  After dinner, end your perfect date with short walk from our Terrace to Falls and see the Falls lit up like the colours of the rainbow, every night between 9pm to midnight.

Here at Coco’s we always look forward to a great summer full of romance, good eats, and creating lasting memories for our guests.  We are located directly across the Fallsview Casino and offer free parking on-site.  Plan your romantic dining experience with us,

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