Duran Duran at Fallsview Casino

Relive the 1980s with Duran Duran at Fallsview Casino March 25th and 26th. Located directly across from Fallsview, Coco’s Terrace and Steakhouse is the perfect spot for your pre-concert dinner or post-concert stop for drinks and dessert!

Relive the 1980s with Duran Duran

It was hard to grow up in the 80s and not know Duran Duran. The band was a favourite on MTV and Much Music, pushing the genre of music videos to new levels —they were one of the first bands to use professional directors and 35mm film movie cameras. Their emphasis on the visual was truly visionary in an industry where music was once viewed simply as auditory art form. Relive this era with Duran Duran at Fallsview Casino.

Duran Duran’s Award Winning Come Back

Now, with over 100 million records sold, Duran Duran is perhaps best known for their iconic songs like Ordinary World, Come Undone and Hungry Like the Wolf. But it’s Duran Duran’s current album Paper Gods which has helped the British band achieve their highest chart position in over 22 years.

How has the band remained relevant for over four decades in an industry that has undergone dramatic transformation? Their music resonates with the young generations of each decade and their ability to grow their fan base as a result has been critical to their success.

Known as Princess Di’s “favourite band”, Duran Duran’s tours with acts such as Justin Timberlake and Timberland and their appearance at Super Bowl XXXVIII has proven the band’s  fluidity and durability over time. Lead singer Simon Le Bon told Metro Weekly that “we’ve been the kind of band who has always divided opinion, and it’s always been an extreme kind of reaction. We’re not a band that people say, ‘Oh, I like them.’ They say, ‘I love them’ or ‘I hate them.'”

Whether you love or hate them the Niagara area is preparing for an influx of Duran Duran fans who are ready to relive their 80s memories and rock out with Duran Duran at Fallsview Casino on March 25-March 26, 2016.

Compliment Your Concert Experience With a Dinner You Won’t Forget

Located directly across from Fallsview Casino, Coco’s Terrace Bar and Grill is the perfect spot for your pre-concert dinner or post-concert stop for drinks and dessert. As Niagara’s premier steakhouse, pizza bar and lounge our steaks, chops and burgers are cooked over an open-hearth grill and will make your mouth water. Or you may prefer to try one of our famous gourmet pizzas baked in an authentic wood-fired pizza oven.

With an onslaught of Duran Duran fans here to enjoy the sold-out show the Niagara Fallsview Boulevard area will be packed. Reserve your table now so you don’t have to wait or rush through dinner to get to your seat on time.