It’s Almost Back To School: Check Niagara Falls & Pizza Off Your Summer Bucket List!

Before the summer is through, you should try to check off a few more items off of your bucket list! With only a few weeks left of summer, you’ll have to try to squeeze in most of the fun into one place. Before you have to go through the rush of back to school shopping in crowded department stores, you’ll definitely need one last summer getaway!

Niagara Falls – A Pizza and Wine lover’s Paradise

Niagara Falls, Ontario is a relatively close destination to plan a weekend away from home. It’s a really popular destination where you can find many things to do all within walking distance from The Falls and other main attractions like the casino or for all the foodies out there Coco’s famous wood-fired pizzas.

Since most of the exploring is best on foot in Niagara Falls, you won’t have to worry about transportation and having to waste any time in traffic. You’ll have more time actually having fun, rather than planning where to have fun. That’s what people love so much about Niagara Falls, you don’t need to put too much planning  into the details of where to eat or things to do.  All the world famous attractions and premium restaurants are all located in the entertainment district. Most are open all year around, ready to accommodate anyone from tourists to local residents who just want to come out for a mini vacation getaway.

So what was left to do on your bucket list? Here’s some memorable things to do in Niagara Falls which will be sure to fit your Summer 2016 Bucket List:

  • Dine under the stars

Have dinner under the star lit skies of Niagara Falls on Coco’s Terrace. With live entertainment happening nightly, it’s a unique and entertaining way to enjoy dining outside.

  • Indulge in good food and drinks

Coco’s Terrace serves delicious wood-fired steaks and pizzas out on the terrace. If you haven’t tried wood-fired steaks or pizzas before, it’s a must! Your food is grilled perfectly  to your desire with a hint of smoke flavour. Nothing feels like summer more that enjoying a meal like this, outside and under the stars. At Coco’s Terrace, you can also try some of Niagara’s own fine made quality wineries.

  • See fireworks

The skies above The Falls are lit up with fireworks every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for the month of August, beginning at 10 p.m. The fireworks are set off in Queen Victoria Park by The Falls.

  • See a rainbow

With the lack of rain we’ve been getting this summer, I bet it hasn’t been easy to spot a rainbow.  Well how about the illumination of The Falls? The majestic Falls are lit up like the colours of the rainbow nightly during the month of August from 9 p.m to midnight. It’s truly picturesque.  We’re going to miss these warm summer nights once winter rolls around, so take advantage and  enjoy a long walk along the rainbow lit Falls.

Book a reservation at Coco’s Terrace Steakhouse Bar & Grill today. We are conveniently located directly across the Fallsview Casino , in the heart of Niagara’s entertainment district.   There is FREE parking onsite.  Since we do tend to get busy, we recommend reserving a spot on our terrace before you arrive!  Call toll free 1-855-377-9300.