Let’s Go To Niagara! Summer Road Trip Essentials

Your bags are packed and loaded in the car. You pat your pockets and double-check that you have the 3 essentials – wallet, keys, cellphone.  Got it!

You sweep your eyes quickly around the room to make sure you didn’t leave any windows open or any lights on.  Check!  This time, you didn’t wait until the last minute to pack so you feel ready and prepared for this road trip. In fact, your bags were packed a couple days ago and all you’ve been waiting for is Friday morning to roll around so that you could hit the road and start your summer break.  An hour into your drive, your photographic memory kicks in and you recall the moment you unplugged your cell phone this morning and left your phone charger by your bedside.

If this scenario rings a bell, don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.  That’s why we’ve come up with a list of summer road trip essentials so you won’t be stuck buying a phone charger at an insanely inflated price at a gas station quick shop along the way!

This handy list is geared towards a whine-free road trip to a relatively close vacation spot like Niagara Falls, Canada.

Here it is:

  • First and foremost, your driver’s license, I.D, money or credit card, and important papers for your vehicle is an essential for your security.  If you’re crossing borders, you will need your passport as well.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses!  Drive comfortably without the glare of the sun in your eyes.  
  • Mobile phone charger: Bring both the charging outlet for the wall  and car. For most people, their phone acts as a GPS, radio, gaming device, and more. You’ll want to make sure your phone stays charged, at least until you arrive without getting lost!
  • Download a travel app or guide book to research specific things to do when you arrive at your destination like, finding the best steakhouse in Niagara Falls or where to eat by the Falls.
  • If you’re a passenger, bring a sleeping mask and earplugs in case you need to squeeze in a good rest without interruptions.
  • Cooler with drinks and snacks (but not too many drinks otherwise you may find yourself taking 5 extra pit stops)
  • A road-worthy upbeat playlist
  • A box of Kleenex, because you can never know when you need it!  
  • Pain relief medication like, Advil or Tylenol in case that pesky headache decides to pay you a visit.
  • Last but not least, if you’re the driver, an alert and positive mind always comes in handy for safe drive!

Once you arrive at a destination like Niagara Falls’ entertainment district, you’ll find everything from restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and more within walking distance from the Falls and most hotels.  After a long drive, satisfy your cravings and treat yourself to wood-fired pizzas and steak on Coco’s Terrace, a premium steakhouse in Niagara Falls.   

Our steaks are perfectly grilled to your desire over an open wood fire leaving a hint of smoke in every bite. Pair this meal with a glass of wine, we’re serving the finest wine made from Niagara’s local wineries.  It really is a delicious and unique dining experience, under the starlit skies, and in the heart of Niagara’s entertainment district.  We are located directly across the Fallsview Casino and offer free parking on-site.  Since summer is a popular season on our Terrace, give us a call to reserve a spot!