Steaks from the Wood Fire and Grill at Coco’s Steakhouse in Niagara

Looking for an excellent steakhouse in Niagara? There’s nothing is more satisfying that treating yourself to a steak dinner while on a breakation.  Whether you’re with your significant other or the whole family, you can enjoy a fine selection of world-class cuisine on  Coco’s Terrace. We perfect our steaks, chops and burgers using our flaming open-hearth grill, giving you a savoury and flavourful dish for you to enjoy.  

Cooking steaks over a live fire is a technique that our Chefs at Coco’s Steakhouse have perfected.  The biggest difference between grilling over an open fire and cooking over gas is, that an open fire could have uneven hot or cold spots and unpredictable flare ups.  Despite the challenges of cooking over an open fire, Coco’s prefers this method of cooking because there’s something about the flavour that just can’t be duplicated.  It’s this added feature that has made Coco’s a premier restaurant and Steakhouse in Niagara.  

With the right cut and well curated fire, the juicy and tender steak is deliciously blazed with just a hint of smoke.  It is every meat lovers joy! If you haven’t tried a steak cooked over a hardwood fire, it’s a must.  Especially in the summertime, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as tasting a succulent steak that’s infused with the flavour of grilled beef and the aroma of smoke.

Choose from our finest cuts, each of them grilled perfectly to your desire:

New York striploin steak (9 oz. Queen cut or a 12 oz. King cut)  

Filet Mignon (6 o.z Queen cut or 8 o.z King cut)

Steak Madagascar (9 oz.

Top off your mouth watering steak with fresh sauteed onions and button mushrooms, complete with a side of Bearnaise sauce.  For the ultimate dining experience, try our fresh seafood menu with wood fired lobster tails and shrimps.  You could also watch our talented staff prepare your pizza from start to finish. From rolling the dough, to your pizza being put into our wood fired brick oven, it’s a family favourite.  No matter what you choose to eat, pair your meal with a glass of wine that was made from Niagara’s own quality wineries.  Our drink menu also including beers, classic cocktails, Coco’s originals, martinis, and more.  

We’re located across from the Fallsview Casino, on 5339 Murray Street with free parking on site. You can smell the aroma of wood fired steaks and seafood right from our Terrace where you can enjoy your dining experience under the starlit sky of Niagara including, live entertainment nightly on the patio, after 7 p.m.  After dinner, enjoy a short walk to see the  Illumination at the Falls.  The Falls are lit up  with the colours of the rainbow every night from 9 p.m until midnight.  

Since our Terrace does tend to get busy, especially during the summer, you’ll want to reserve a spot.  Call us at 905.356.1333  ext. 171.  We look forward to a summer of good eats and entertainment at Coco’s Terrace Steakhouse in Niagara!